People's Community

Helping the one who is in need, a good idea, If you have and want to contribute with others. You are welcome to join us.

Global Reach

This is a system of Global Mutual Aid where one helps the other financially. It is Global because there are no boundaries which have been defined by the system.


Dividing the results for the current period by the results for the prior period will yield a comparative figure .

Strong Support

We believes in service only. At Bitcoin Twister, you will always observe great strong support for any queries you have. This is the only strong policy we have.

"Bitcoin Twister"

A life Changing Community

Bitcoin Twister is a community of people making the world better. It is a platform where people can help each other when in need. There are millions of participants those who needs help and those who are ready to help. There are no contracts, our working principle is simple participants in need ask for help and other participants provide help by transfer of funds on own good will. The idea is to create a fair financial system for significant changes in world. Our team members are committed to the well-being of everyone by providing financial help. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to make this world a better place. Our volunteers help everyone to serve humanity and better the lives of less fortunate ones. Join us to create a better world.

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